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Road classification for two-wheeled vehicles

Gorges, Christian; Öztürk, Kemal; Liebich, Robert

This publication presents a three-part road classification system that utilises the vehicle's onboard signals of two-wheeled vehicles. First, a curve estimator was developed to identify and classify road curves. In addition, the curve estimator continuously classifies the road curviness. Second, the road slope was evaluated to determine the hilliness of a given road. Third, a modular road profile estimator has been developed to classify the road profile according to ISO 8608, which utilises the vehicle's transfer functions. The road profile estimator continuously classifies the driven road. The proposed methods for the classification of curviness, hilliness, and road roughness have been validated with measurements. The road classification system enables the collection of vehicle-independent field data of two-wheeled vehicles. The road properties are part of the customer usage profiles which are essential to define vehicle design targets.
Published in: Vehicle System Dynamics, 10.1080/00423114.2017.1413197, Taylor & Francis