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Quantitative PA tomography of high resolution 3-D images: Experimental validation in a tissue phantom

Buchmann, Jens; Kaplan, Bernhard; Powell, Samuel; Prohaska, Steffen; Laufer, Jan

Quantitative photoacoustic tomography aims to recover the spatial distribution of absolute chromophore concentrations and their ratios from deep tissue, high-resolution images. In this study, a model-based inversion scheme based on a Monte-Carlo light transport model is experimentally validated on 3-D multispectral images of a tissue phantom acquired using an all-optical scanner with a planar detection geometry. A calibrated absorber allowed scaling of the measured data during the inversion, while an acoustic correction method was employed to compensate the effects of limited view detection. Chromophore- and fluence-dependent step sizes and Adam optimization were implemented to achieve rapid convergence. High resolution 3-D maps of absolute concentrations and their ratios were recovered with high accuracy. Potential applications of this method include quantitative functional and molecular photoacoustic tomography of deep tissue in preclinical and clinical studies.
Published in: Photoacoustics, 10.1016/j.pacs.2019.100157, Elsevier