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Influence of Knitting and Material Parameters on the Quality and Reliability of Knitted Conductor Tracks

Rotzler, Sigrid; Malzahn, Jan; Werft, Lukas; von Krshiwoblozki, Malte; Eppinger, Elisabeth

Many electronic textile (e-textile) applications require a stretchable basis, best achieved through knitted textiles. Ideally, conductive structures can be directly integrated during the knitting process. This study evaluates the influence of several knitting and material parameters on the resistance of knitted conductive tracks after the knitting process and after durability testing. The knitting speed proves to be of little influence, while the type of conductive thread used, as well as the knitting pattern both impact the resistance of the knitted threads and their subsequent reliability considerably. The presented research provides novel insights into the knitting process for conductive yarns and possible applications and shows that choosing suitable material and processing methods can improve the quality and robustness of knitted e-textiles.
Published in: Textiles, 10.3390/textiles2040030, MDPI