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Sustainability in engineering education - description and comparison of two university courses

Katttwinkel, Daniela; Heide, Ludger; Syré, Anne; Grahle, Alexander; Bender, Beate; Göhlich, Dietmar

Sustainable products are becoming increasingly important for companies in order to succeed. However, the development of sustainable products poses a complex challenge, because alongside the classical product development requirements, additional social, economic and ecologic requirements arise. Despite the increasing relevance of this topic, sustainability is not yet fully integrated into the product development processes and mindsets within companies. Simultaneously, the integration of sustainability into engineering education is still insufficient and traditional teaching formats seem to be inadequate to teach such complex and multifaceted topics. Within this publication, the development, the contents and the implementation of two different university engineering courses for sustainability and environmentally compatible product development are described and compared. The different approaches to develop and incorporate sustainability into the engineering education and the usage of innovative teaching concepts are demonstrated to encourage and inspire other universities.
Published in: Proceedings of the Design Society, 10.1017/pds.2021.547, Cambridge University Press