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Share of open access journal articles published by Berlin authors from 2013 to 2015: data

Voigt, Michaela; Winterhalter, Christian; Bunge, Eva (Contributor); Kowalak, Mario (Contributor); Menzel, Gabriele (Contributor); Nowak, Sean (Contributor); Paepcke, Ulf (Contributor); Schobert, Dagmar (Contributor); Walter, Manfred (Contributor)

The overall goal was to analyse the publication output from nine research institutions from Berlin (Germany) and determine the share of open access journal articles. Journal articles whose authors are affiliated with nine institutions were analysed. The data described here were retrieved from multiple bibliographic databases. Due to license terms raw data from single databases cannot be provided for download. Data was aggregated, normalised and analysed with help of a Python script available at https://github.com/tuub/oa-eval (code documentation in English). Search queries and download settings for these databases are documented in the (German) manual that accompanies the script. For a detailed description of the retrieval process and the analysis steps see the report.