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Space-time-data of a 1D model of a puls detonation combustor

Reiss, Julius; Lemke, Mathias

The data and the shifts to compensate the transports is loaded in the Matlab script readData.m where the data structure is also explained. The additional file Qfull.mat contains the original data with the resolution used in the simulation. It is down-scaled by taking every third point in space and every hundredth point in time for the shifted POD. It reduces the data size, but produces in the fronts and peaks non-smooth data. This data is used in the article OPTIMIZATION-BASED MODAL DECOMPOSITION FOR SYSTEMS WITH MULTIPLE TRANSPORTS by Julius Reiss in section 8, the practical example. It is based on the data assimialtion of a detonative combustion chamber described in Gray, J.; Lemke, M.; Reiss, J.; Paschereit, C.; Sesterhenn, J.; Moeck, J. A compact shock-focusing geometry for detonation initiation: Experiments and adjoint-based variational data assimilation, Combustion and Flame, 2017, 183, 144 - 156,