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Collective bargaining as a two-level game: Direct learner-expert interactions

Schilling, Martin S.; Mulford, Matthew A.; Geiger, Ingmar R.

In this article, the authors introduce a new feature to model the collective bargaining process: a two-level game setting with direct learner-expert interaction. In the simulation ZUG UM ZUG 2015, participants form union and management negotiation teams to negotiate with each other (first level) and with a management or union “tariff commission,” which has to approve proposed contracts (second level). To increase the degree of realism and the teaching effectiveness of the simulation, real-world negotiation experts negotiate in tariff commissions directly with participants. The authors also introduce a negotiation process to facilitate an efficient knowledge transfer from experts to learners.
Published in: Simulation & gaming : an international journal of theory, practice and research, 10.1177/1046878106289969, SAGE Publications
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