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A Combined Wetting and Scattering Study of the Near Surface Ordering in Sugar Surfactant Based Bicontinuous Microemulsions at Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces

Wellert, Stefan; Stehle, Ralf; Micciulla, Samantha; Dahl, Margarethe; Steitz, Roland; Hellweg, Thomas; Holderer, Olaf

The commercial availability of natural surfactants, e.g., alkyl-oligoglucosides and the solubilization of plant and food grade oils extends the field of applications for microemulsions. To study potential effects of the confinement on the structure and dynamics inside a microemulsion, neutron reflectometry and neutron spin echo spectroscopy under grazing incidence have been used. Measurements of the contact between a bicontinuous microemulsion and a hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface are compared and show a similar wetting behavior and near surface structuring.
Published in: Frontiers in Soft Matter, 10.3389/frsfm.2022.887610, Frontiers