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The Working Posture Controller: Automated Adaptation of the Work Piece Pose to Enable a Natural Working Posture

Nguyen, The Duy; Bloch, Christian; Krüger, Jörg

We present a novel approach to prevent awkward working posture by automatically assessing and optimising the work place for a given task. Our system is called the Working Posture Controller (WPC) and enables to accomplish tasks in a natural posture by adapting the pose of work piece to be processed. Unlike other approaches to prevent posture-related Musculo-skeletal Disorders (MSDs), our system is able to propose an immediate adjustment in the process neither requiring tedious manual planning nor expert knowledge. Additionally, the proposed solution is personalised to the anthropometry of the user. First experiments on a simulated height-adjustable platform reveal promising results.
Published in: Procedia CIRP, 10.1016/j.procir.2016.02.172, Elsevier BV